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Former Disciple of TB Joshua’s Synagogue church accuses him of fake miracles, doctored healing (Watch)


A video post on Facebook is presently sending shock waves down the spines of the lovers of popular Nigerian prophet, Temitope Joshua.

The video shared by a Facebook user simply identified as Gino Love, was compiled a former prophet under the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) ministry of Prophet TB Joshua.

This man revealed never before heard secrets about the revered Nigerian prophet, how some of his disciples were responsible for some of the prophecies which were given and how some of the supposed miracles being performed on the screen were doctored.

The pastor who made the revelations about Prophet TB Joshua.

The pastor who made the revelations about Prophet TB Joshua.

Here are some excerpts from the video:

When I joined the disciples, I was surprised by what I met there; it was a consecration camp, but there is no power, no force as brainwash.

I was gradually brainwashed into living without eating meat, without eating fish. I was gradually introduced into humiliating people.

In fact, imagine such instances as a lady is being accused of committing fornication (which were all lies) and the lady was brought out before all the disciples naked. And pepper was ground and mixed with water and inserted into her vagina. She almost went mad.

I was made a prophet on June 12, 1999, (on his birthday), from then, the powers vested on me increased. I became a terror to co-disciples, people ran away from me because I would do whatever he asked me to do.

Any disciple he asked me to slap, I would slap. We were being caned with ‘koboko’ (horsetail) regularly. All our backs were filled with scars. People were being tortured, to the extent that we could not talk. We were suffering and smiling. Before the congregation, we would be smiling, but at the back, because we could not say anything, we had been brainwashed that TB Joshua is the lord that even if you offend him in this world, you will still meet him in heaven.

Prophecies were information given to him by members, information given to him by disciples. If you have been there before, you would have seen in the morning (as early as 4 or 5am), people would have gathered at the gate. Right at the gate there, we interview people, screen people, they tell us their problems and everything. Those we allow inside, these are things we tell to TB Joshua.

Watch full video below:

The Nigerian prophet recently predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the United States presidential election, but it turned out that her fiercest rival, Donald Trump, won the election much to the chagrin of observers and followers of the polls.

He has since incurred Nigerians’ wrath, as they called him all sorts of names after the announcement of the election winner, including ‘a prophet of baal’ tag.