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Ericsson Nigeria Set to Engage in Massive Sack Amidst Economic Recession

The woes of the local economy is set to be compounded with a major telecommunication sacking a large size of its work force.
Telecommunications company Ericsson Nigeria plans to lay off several of its Nigerian employees and outsource the work to Indians by the end of the month.

According to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek, an ICT news outlet, the affected workers are working in the Network Operating Centre and have allegedly been tasked with handling the “knowledge transfer” to the new Indian hires who will replace them.

The same news source revealed that Ericsson Nigeria similarly sacked workers in July. The reason for the sacking is to reduce costs of managing its services. According to Ericsson, the company is engaging in similar practices around the world, not just in Nigeria.

A source disclosed to SaharaReporters that Ericsson Nigerian workers have regularly been treated unfairly by the company. He explained that Nigerian workers at the Network Operating Centre have been working over time without compensation and get paid less than their foreign contractor counterparts.

“An average contract Nigerian personnel working in the Network Operating Centre is paid between N78,000 to N200,000 while a foreign contractor earns between N1m to N2m or more,” the source told a reporter.

Discrimination towards Nigerian workers and favoritism towards foreign workers appears to be a trend with technology companies operating in the country.

Just last week, a private investigation revealed that the Chinese-owned Huawei Technologies Company Limited has been cheating the expatriate quota by employing more foreign workers than permitted by law.