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Drama as Popular Pastor is Humiliated in Public After He Allegedly Impregnated a 19-year-old Girl (Photo)

A randy man of God was nearly lynched after he got exposed for allegedly sleeping with and impregnating a 19-year-old girl.
Pastor Ignatius Neshava
A mon of God has been publicly humiliated for impregnating a 19-year-old girl after he had s*x with her. The pastor was mobbed by a crowd after his shenanigans was made public.
Pastor Ignatius Neshava, who preaches at the open space between Leopold Takawira and Speke in Zimbabwe, went to Lisa Rwizi’s place of residence after he was trapped by her relatives who lured him to come, disguising to be his followers who needed prayers for a sick relative.
Unknowingly, he fell for the trap and went in the company of a woman he initially said was his wife before later changing that she was a police officer from his church, H-metro reported.
Drama unfolded as furious relatives of the 19-year-old Lisa called her following the pastor’s arrival at their house before confronting him over the allegations of impregnating Lisa, who gave birth 11-days ago.
The youthful pastor was also mobbed by rowdy youths from the neighbourhood who had recognised him as the ‘street preacher’ before some attacked and poured water on the neatly dressed man of cloth calling him a fake pastor.
“I have never been involved in a sexual relationship with Lisa. I only know her as a follower. She was in a relationship with one guy called Sithole, who is also a member of my church.
“She has never been at my house and how old is the child she is claiming that I’m the father? Why did she wait to give birth before confronting me about the pregnancy? If I was responsible, I’m sure she knew where to find me.”the pastor said.
However, his claim was refuted by Lisa who gave evidence of the sexual encounter with the pastor.
“I know this man, I slept with him and we lived as husband and wife for three months after he lured me from the streets where he was preaching, promising to get me a job as a maid.”
The ‘pastor’s wife’ wept uncontrollably as all this evidence emerged during the interrogation.
“Chingobvuma kana wakazviita nekuti zviri pachena kuti munozivana. Saka uri kuti akaziva sei nezvemuviri wako kana musati mambosangana?” the woman interjected.
Lisa further narrated how she was told by Ignatius that he lived with his wife in Hatcliffe promising to offer her accommodation until she got a job.
But upon arriving at his residence, Lisa realised that the pastor did not live with a wife and he only occupied a room at his lodgings.
“I had just lost my job as a maid in Chitungwiza and as I walked in town, I heard him preach so after his preaching sessions, he prayed for me before offering to get me a job.
“I really looked miserable as I had nowhere to go since I’m an orphan so after I told him my story, he took advantage of my desperation.
“He had told me that he lived with his wife but when we got to his place I found out that there was no woman at his place. On the first night I slept on the floor together with one guy called Panashe, whom he had also promised to help find a job,” she narrated.
Lisa said as days went on, the pastor started making sexual advances insisting that she could only continue staying with him if she agreed to have s*x with him.
“I had tried to resist his advances but on the third day when he came home in the middle of the night, he told me that if I was not going to have s*x with him, then I should find somewhere else to go.
“I had no option but to sleep with him as he had threatened to kick me out at night. After that we had s*x every other day and started living as husband and wife for about three months,” she chronicled.
She recounted her ‘horror’ days that followed after giving in to the pastor’s sexual advances saying the man of cloth would not buy any food and she would go for days without eating.
“He started buying fast-foods and he would eat alone while he was not buying any groceries. I survived from handouts from our landlord before I was told of how he (Ignatius) was in the habit of bed hoping and that I was not the first victim.
“I then got a job in Dzivaresekwa and the woman agreed that I work while I was pregnant. My employer helped me until I gave birth as she paid all the bills,” she added.
The pastor was saved by the police after the crowd called for him to be lynched.