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Couple Allow 380 Strangers Watch Them Have S*x Online for Just N2000

The story how a woman and her man allowed people to watch them online as they engage in passionate s*x will leave you shocked.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A woman has narrated how the desire to spice things up in the bedroom led her into allowing 380 strangers watch her have s*x with the husband online. The woman further revealed that the show was for a meagre £5 (N2000).
The woman made the revelation while speaking to YourTango. She revealed that 380 tuned in to the show and enjoyed it. Although she racked up a mere £5, she said the show was not about the money.
“In our living room, it’s just us, n*ked, talking to a bunch of strangers cheering us on,” the wife told YourTango.
The pair belong to a group called ‘cammers’ – a group of people who get pleasure from watching other people sleeping together on screen.
After a period tuning in to see other couples’ antics, they decided to give it a go themselves. Often ‘cammers’ are asked to do certain things by the people who are watching, The Sun UK revealed.
“We gave away a lot for free on our first night, making only £5 ($8 AUS) the whole night,” the wife explained.
“The top cammers of the night probably walked away with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.”