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Check out your favourite female celebrities in Agbada. Hit or Miss? (Photos


Originally the agbada style used to be worn by Nigerian men for owambe parties and other events. Until recently, tides changed and women decided to prove the popular saying: what a man can do, a woman can do better. This trend came out of no wear and overtook the fashion scene in Nigeria.

Women who love to show off their figure, wearing tight-fitted dresses joined in the agbada wearing trend. Men now have huge competition as these women rock the outfit like superstars. They pair it with heels, clutches and jewellery and look absolutely stunning however they choose to wear it.

Clearly the new uniS3@.x:’ fashion is not dying anytime soon as celebrities are joining in on the trend and making other ladies crave and desire to be in agbada designed attire.

These agbada fashion will stun you.

1. Monochrome looks just great in this style


2. Paired with yellow shoes and suede cap looking dapper with boyish agbada wear.


3. So much beauty in one single outfit.

Juliet Ibrahim

4. We love the fabric and colour. Definitely compliments her skin tone.

Agbada 4

5. Love the agbada on women. She looks completely gorgeous with the gold and black mix-up


6. Mercy Aigbe giving her fans something to drool over. She rocks this simple yet classy design like a superstar.

Mercy Aigbe

7. Swag and style in one picture.


8. Trio. Different styles, same concept. Can’t get enough of the agbada look.