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Check out this rendering of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’that is going viral online (Watch)


An African school girl has shown off her fantastic vocals after she sang to Beyonce’s popular hit, Halo.

African girl sings HaloAfrican girl slays as she sings Beyonce’s Halo

In a setting that looked to be her school, the young girl was urged by her friends to sing the song. At first, she was shy and unsure but as soon as she began to sing, her beautiful voice filled the room and she felt even surer of herself.

African girl sings haloShe started out shy but she got more confident as she got into the groove

The video has been viewed over 868,000 times on Youtube and most people are amazed and blown over by this girl’s vocal skills.

A lot of people expressed their fervent hope that she should one day be a star with one commenter saying, “She sung that song better than BEYONCE, SOMEBODY SIGN HER PLEASE.”

Check out the video and tell us what you think about her singing skills.