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Check out these people with some of the biggest body parts in the world (Photos)


Along with traditional records, like the fastest runner, the highest mountain and the rarest species of gopher, there are also very shocking ones, like the largest human body parts.

1. The longest nose


This Turkish man can nose in and get away with it. His nose is 7,6 cm long!

2. The longest manhood


This American actor doesn’t need to worry about his manhood size. It’s 34,3 cm long! Someone would think it’s too much, but he is quite happy with it.

3. The longest fingernails


Until 2009, this record belonged to Lee Redmond, whose fingernails were 8,5 meters long. Meters. No kidding. But 7 years ago the woman had an accident and lost both her fingernails and title.

4. The longest tongue


Something makes me think, that friends of this guy have got enough of his pranks. No wonder, he’s got 10-cm-long tongue.

5. The longest legs


She is not all legs, but quite a bit. Svetlana Pankratova from Russia can thank mother nature for her 132-cm-long legs!

6. The longest toenails


Such record couldn’t be achieved in a northern country. The total length of her toenails is 2,5 m. Louise is a heroine of a mother. She has 12 children and 21 grandchildren, but she manages to maintain her toenails in perfect order.

7. The longest neck


Burmanese women share this record. In this country, long neck is believed to be beautiful, so the girls have to wear metal rings for a lifetime in order to have it.

8. The longest eyelashes


Valeriy Smagliy from Ukraine managed to grow the longest eyelashes in the world. Their length is 3 cm. The man keeps his secret well, but it is known, that he is on a special diet.

9. The longest hair


The Rapunzel title goes to Xi Qiping from China, whose hair is 5, 63 m long. With some effort, she could have transported the prince to her tower!