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All the times Linda Ikeji fought the Internet and won


Linda Ikeji

Question: What do Linda Ikeji and Kanye West have in common?

Answer: they both have the ability to shut down the internet whenever they want.

As you probably know by now, Linda Ikeji launched her own social network a few weeks ago (called ‘Linda Ikeji Social’)

In under 24 hours, she got 50,000 users!

dance gif

And now, we wait.

You see, while this is exciting news, a lot of people are still watching to see what becomes of Linda Ikeji Social.

Some people think it’ll succeed…

Really Happy Gif

…while some others think it’ll go the way of the Titanic (sink, that is. Without the Jack and Rose lovemaking).



Linda Ikeji is not new to this business of being in the public eye. As a matter of fact, several times in the past, things have happened that led critics to predict that her ‘reign’ on the blogging scene had ended.

She proved her critics wrong every single time!

 1. When she was the first to announce Goldie’s death and the internet nearly crucified her.

But she was right though.

Image: Gbaabe

2. When an ex-lover reported her to Google and her site was taken down for several days

But her site came back. Can somebody say bad belle people?!

Obasanjo face meme

3. When these 7 celebrities dragged her on Twitter

Even Richard Mofe-Damijo was involved. But Linda triumphed.

Richard Mofe Damijo

4. When she and Wizkid slammed into each other on Twitter, on Instagram, and even at the Police Station.

wizkid-dashiki-redImage: Pinterest

Do you remember other times Linda Ikeji came under fire in the past and managed to win despite the odds (like that time every blogger on earth simultaneously accused her of plagiarism)?