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9 fun things you can do in Lagos for under N2000


Having fun on a budget in Lagos might seem impossible but it actually isn’t.

A lot of people have had to cut down on visits to clubs and all their favourite fun spots since this recession began in a bid to manage their finances better. We know it’s tough staying at home with nothing to do because you can’t afford to go anywhere, which is why we have put together this list of fun things that you can do in Lagos for as little as 2,000 naira.

1. Visit Lekki Leisure Lake

Lekki Leisure lake is a resort close to the Atlantic ocean. You can do so many recreational activities and water activities. It costs only 1,000 to enter, and you can get some snacks with the change that’s left.

Image- travelstart

2. Visit Lekki Conservation centre

You can get a feel of nature, peace and quiet and also get to see a few animals at the Lekki conservation centre. Entry costs only 500 Naira.

Lekki Conservation centre

3. Get some suya and take a stroll

Friday evening and nothing to do? You can get some suya and take an evening walk or sit down somewhere and watch people as they commute.

Image: EAfriqueTV

4. Visit the National Museum

You can visit the national museum at Onikan, take great pictures of all the artefacts and learn new things too.

Image- cometonigeria

5. Go to the beach

You can visit any of the numerous beaches in Lagos, bask in the sun, ride horses, and take great pictures. You can have a picnic too.

elegushi beach

6. Visit the National Theatre

The national theatre is another great place that you can visit on a low budget. The environment is serene and you can have a great time walking around the serene garden with a friend.

Image: TheNationalThatreNG

7. Watch a movie at the cinema

Movie tickets cost between 1000 to 1500. You can go to any cinema that tickles your fancy to see a movie of your choice.

8. Go for Afropolitan vibes

If you feel like having a good time, dancing and partying. Afropolitan vibes takes place every month and famous artists headline. Tickets cost 1500 naira.

Afropolitan vibes

9.  Visit the African shrine

Every Thursday, you can attend a free show at the shrine hosted by Femi Kuti. Drinks are cheap. You get to chill and enjoy great afrobeat music.

Image- travelstart

Now you have no excuse not to have fun!