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8 times you wish you could flog your teacher in school (Photos)


Most pupils and students hate school because of many reasons but these 10 are the most annoying moments in school we always had to endure.

1. Class Test

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting in class and expecting the teacher to come teach and then he comes and writes on the board, “Class Test” without informing you ahead of time.

Image: premiumtimes ngImage: premiumtimes ng


2. Swapping Lessons

Then there is that moment when it’s time for P.E. and the P.E. master decides to swap with the maths teacher. I mean who does that?

Image: indiaTodayImage: indiaToday


3. Caning The Whole Class For One Persons Mistake

There is always that one person in every class who always gets everybody in trouble. This person makes a lot of noise but when the teacher walks in, he will beat the whole class even when you point out the noise maker.

Image: Geoffrey ButtaImage: Geoffrey Butta


4. Weeding The Teacher’s Farm

When you thought you were coming to school to learn, the teacher decides to march everybody to his farm to weed. The most annoying aspect of this is that he won’t even compensate you.



5. When The French Teacher Is Allowed To Take The Next Lesson

The French teacher’s time is up and you’re rejoicing in your heart but when the English teacher walks in, the French teacher pulls her aside and demands for more time to finish his lesson and the English teacher also agrees.

kids watching shockImages: pinterest


6. When It’s Closing Time Yet The Teacher Insists On Finishing His Lesson

There is nothing more annoying than when the teacher insists on finishing his lesson even when the closing bell has sounded and other pupils/students are on their way home.

Image: AngelaDonaImage: AngelaDona


7. Writing Notes On The Board For The Teacher

Then we have the lazy teachers who always call someone in the class to write their notes on the board for us to copy. They’ll then relax in their chair doing other stuff whiles the unfortunate student writes on the board for the class throughout the period.

Photo: GettyImagesPhoto: GettyImages


8. Mental

There is that moment you least expect when the maths teacher decides to do mental and follows it with some lashes when you get it wrong.

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