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7 types of miracle working pastors you should run away from (Photos)



Here are 7 times we were really shocked to our bones by the kind of miracles some pastors claimed to carry out during their church service:


1. When your pastor works with insecticide companies.


Pastor using Insecticide for healing.

We got the news that this South Africa pastor sprays insecticide on his church members claiming it’s for pine healing – well, maybe his members are insects sha.

2. Pastor gives members petrol to drink, claims it is pineapple juice!


Pastor that makes pineapple juice out of petrol

Also in South Africa, we got news about a different pastor who makes pineapple fruit juice out of petrol for his congregations, claiming it is for miracles.

Hmmm, Pet Pineapple fruit juice. lol

3. When your pastor turns into a snake-chocolate maker!


This snake pastor pulled one of the most surprising stunts in his own church. He was said to have fed raw snakes to church members, claiming that it would turn to chocolate – unbelievable! It is said that he has however been chased away by members of the community where his church was set up in South Africa.

This end time chocolate from this pastor nawa ooo.

4. When your pastor wants to see how endowed you are!when-your-pastor-wants-to-see-how-endowed-you-are

Pastor doing miracle for an impotent man by pulling off his trouser

Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim is one of those whose churches you should never visit. Reports say that to heal impotency he will pull off his church members trousers while their hand hangs in the air, right in front of the entire congregation!

We don’t know what he is doing or what he is looking for ooooh.

5. When your pastor is an electrician.when-your-pastor-is-an-electrician

This pastor forces his church members to touch live wires.

We don’t know if it is by force oooh.

6. When your pastor is over-miraculous. 


While ministering this pastor commands a woman in his church to climb into a working refrigerator and sleep in it for 30 minutes. After he let her out, the woman claimed that while she slept, the refrigerator which was at high freezing point was very warm and she felt no cold at all.

This miracle no be here ooo.

7. When your pastor has a BSc in medicine.

Pastor detects bre@.$t cancer by touching woman Bra

This pastor puts his hand under a woman’s dress to touch her bra claiming it will cure her bre@.$t cancer…it is not a small miracle at all oh!