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7 Common Sounds You’d Definitely Hear In Lagos Everyday (photos)



Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city is a very lively place and even the sounds tell you that it is a city that is filled with lots of activity.

Here are some of the sounds you’d definitely hear on a regular day in the city of Lagos.

1. Generators

Since power supply is not steady, the hum of several generators is always in the background. It’s like the official Lagos state soundtrack.


2. Church/Mosque speakers

There’s definitely always a religious service going on somewhere, and religious institutions usually have speakers that broadcast their services to everyone close by.


3. Hawkers advertising their wares

You’d definitely hear one hawker or the calling the attention of people to what they sell.

4. Horns Blaring

Lagos traffic jams can be a hot mess sometimes, angry and frustrated drivers make use of their car horns a lot.


5. Music from loudspeakers

Lagosians love to turn up, so it’s always a party any day and anytime. People who sell CDs usually play music with loud speakers to grab people’s attentions.


6. The voice of a preacher on the streets

Some people take it upon themselves to walk around and minister to people on the streets. You can hear their voices from as early as 5 am.


7. Conductors

This one is pretty common and their shouts of the destinations that they are going to can be heard at every bus stop.