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3 things that happen when you refuse to buy wedding Aso Ebi


Wikipedia defines aso ebi as a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and part of West Africa during weddings. It is an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.

Any bridesmaid or groomsman knows aso ebi too well. You know that it is seen as a must and to refuse to buy it is an insult.

So what happens when the price is too high and you cannot afford it? Instead of begging for money or borrowing, you can simply refuse to buy the specific one and look for something closer.

Depending on whose wedding it is, this may be seen as an insult and the couple can take it personally. Here are three things that may befall you if you do not buy aso ebi:

1. Your food portion will be small

wed 111

The couple may have ordered the caterer to give you the smallest portion of food. Or to give you the meat with little flesh. You will be waiting for your hearty portion only to be fed something that even a dog would refuse.

2. You will not be called out during time to catch the bouquet at the white wedding
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If you a lady, you may be waiting to participate in the bride’s bouquet toss. It’s not like you are desperate to get married but you just want to have fun with everyone.

The bride might still hold a grudge until the white wedding and refuse to call out your name during the bouquet toss. You will be left there on your seat, looking sad.

3.  You will be put at the back of pictures

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When it’s time for pictures, you may want to stand beside the couple. However, you may find you are directed to the back or a hidden place where no one can really see you.

Even in selfies, the bride will refuse and ask you to wait. Hmm, these are all ways to tell you that next time, show support by buying their aso ebi.