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10 things you must never do in the office as a professional


There’s nothing as important as maintaining a reputable image at your workplace.

It’s understandable that as humans there’s every tendency of being pushed to the wall, hence the need to react. But to what end?

Certain attitudes should never be exhibited at the office, it’s basically a no-no! Here are our top 10 never to do things.

1. Romantic relationships in the office

“Office romance” is a no-no. When you break up afterwards you’d start keeping “malice” with each other. If you can handle it not ending well, then it’s okay.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

2. Collecting loans from colleagues

“Gbese” is what we call debt in Nigeria. Find a way of saving up some money, so you don’t end up using your entire salary paying off loans you took from colleagues.

P.S if you can’t handle it, don’t collect it.

3. Discussing family issues

We understand no one has a perfect home. But we’re pretty sure your office shouldn’t serve as your counsellor’s office. Learn to keep private matters private.

Couple arguing
Image: Citifmonline

4. Fighting

The common phrase you’d hear in Nigeria when a fight’s about to happen is “Do you know who I am?” Sir, we already know you’re a Nigerian. Don’t fight and ‘goan’ tear your fine shirt, besides you don’t know who’s looking at you from the crowd.

trotro fight
Image: Nairaland

5. Watching X-Rated Movies in the office

We all know how to exchange funny clips amongst us. Make sure you know what you’re playing on your phone before you get embarrassed before a client. Na query be that o!

Image: BET
Image: BET

6. Gossiping

At every office, there’s every likelihood of joining a clique where the freshest gossip of “he said-she said” is shared over a hot plate of Akara and Bread before the day’s activities. Be careful because what goes around surely comes around.

Gossip Turkey Meme
Image: MemeCenter

7. Sleeping on the job

Then for all you party freaks who know how to club on Wednesday & Sunday nights when you should be sleeping. Avoid late night hangouts on work days. You ought to be alert at work.

sleep fall gif
Image: Giphy

8. Drinking Alcohol

Then there’s drinking of “Ogogoro” before coming into work. It’s pretty annoying being attended to by a staff who’s reeking of alcohol at 8am! Leave the booze till the weekend.


9. Illicit Activities

Making out in the office behind closed doors or in the office toilet is about disgusting as anything. Find a room or better still wait after work.


office romance2
Image: Pinterest

10. Stealing

Then the ‘yahoo-yahoo’ guys whom EFCC have been chasing over bank fraud. Avoid stealing from your colleagues and your workplace, Nigerians don’t joke with thieves.

PS: Nigerian prisons are the worst I’ve seen.

Stealing Meat From Pot
Image: AfroTelly

There you have it. If you’ve indulged in over 4 of these at your workplace, then you need serious counselling sessions. LOL!