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Young Girl Caught in the Club Simulating S*x Act With a Man (Photo)

A young girl has been caught in the club simulating s*x with another man in front of everyone.
A drunken party in Kenya has gotten people stunned.
The party was organised by Kenyan rapper, Nonini who was celebrating his birthday.
Photos from the event first shared online by Radio Africa’a Mpasho, shows several women simulating dry s*x as they danced and gyrated their hips in reckless abandon.
Some of the photos show inebriated girls dancing erotically with strangers in the club.
One of  the styles that young people love to call daggering is essentially non-penetrative s*x or dry s*x if you may.
The dance involves the man thrusting his front at the woman’s posterior repeatedly in sync with the music beats.