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You did not think these 10 situations would get you pregnant. Number 9 is crazy!



Wish to avoid the unwanted pregnancy at all costs? These 10 situations may appear in your life, and you do not even know they can get you pregnant! You thought you were on the safe ground, but the truth is revealed.

1. Doing it in underwear

You are not ready to have the whole real thing, so you two enjoy each other not even taking your underwear off. You think that would keep you safe and nothing could happen? Think again. Male sp3rm can soak his and your clothes and get inside you. That would be enough to get you pregnant.

2. The backend s3x

If you are fond of an@l intercourse, do not relax over your safety. His sp3rm may leak down and get into your v@gin@. That’s all you need to have a baby!

3. Using condoms and oil based lube

Never do that unless you wish to get pregnant. Oil-based lube can damage the condom, and that’s it.

4. Having fun in the bath

You may not have the actual intercours3, but if the man finishes up and the sp3rm gets in the water…

5. Fingering

If he touched his manhood and sperm and then touches your private parts, he can transfer the “life-giving” cells into you.

6. The full end

If you do not put the condom on properly, you can get pregnant. The tip of the condom should remain empty. No need to push it on the manh00d too tight. Otherwise, the p3nis would cause too much pressure on the rubber, and the sperm would leak quickly through it.

7. Unfinished

Even if a man pulls out his p3nis before ejaculating, he can get you impregnated. The liquid he lets during the s3x contains some sperm in it.

8. S3x during period

Ovul@tion may start sooner, and the sp3rm cells can dwell in your body for 5 days. So, that can do the business.

9. You can get pregnant while being pregnant!

That sounds crazy, but such things happen. In some women, ovulation does not stop right after the pregnancy. It goes on for few months, and they can get pregnant while being pregnant!

10. If you or your boyfriend does the surgery

Even vasectomy or female surgery does not guarantee that. He still can produce some sp3rm and that can go through your tied tubes and get you pregnant.

Amazing but we were created to give life. Life leaks in our out of us and breaks out regardless of whether we want it or not!