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Yomi Casual flaunts 1 million naira cheque he received from Big bro, AY (Photo)


Yomi Causal took to Instagram yesterday to share a photo a cheque of N1 million gifted to him by his brother, popular comedian AY Makun.

The designer who majorly caters to male celebrity clientele, treated shoppers to a ‘Party and Shop’ event yesterday where he launched his unisex shirt collection and allowed clients shop for less. Needless to say, big brother, AY was clearly impressed with the outcome that he wrote out a cheque for a job well done.

“Please, help me thank the world best supportive, encouraging,inspiring, motivating brother like no other!” the clearly shocked Yomi Makun noted as he shared the news.


“SOMETIMES ALL YOU NEED IS JUST A SURPRISING HUGE CHEQUE FROM YOUR BIG BROTHER @aycomedian commending you for a job well done #stillInShockFromLastNight# YomicasualShirtlaunchWasLit# The smile on my face is just priceless!! PLS HELP ME THANK the world best Supportive, encouraging,inspiring, motivating brother like no other! GOD BLESS YOU SIR @aycomedian ” he captioned picture of the Diamond bank cheque he shared on his Instagram page.

We are sure AY Makun is definitely on his brother’s list for Brother of the year and don’t we just wish we had a big brother who could top that?