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Woman Who Hired Babies to Beg for Alms Runs Away After She was Caught in Lagos (Video)

A shocking incident has exposed the wickedness being perpetrated by some people who hire babies and use them to beg for alms in Lagos State.
The three babies recovered from the woman
Nigerians have been warned to be very careful especially mothers who leave their babies at schools, motherless homes and to nannies or individuals they believe can help take care of them until they come back from work. A shocking incident caught on tape has revealed the wickedness of humans who want to make money by all means.
According to an eyewitness report, a woman who hired three babies ran away recently in Lagos after a woman accosted her to query her concerning the children. It was gathered that the woman had hired the babies just to use them to beg at a pedestrian bridge in Lagos. She absconded when Lagos state officials concerned with human trafficking arrived the scene.
The babies were taken away before some of the culprits were later caught.
Further revelations by eyewitnesses revealed that the woman has been using the babies to beg for money after hiring it from their mothers. At the end of the day, she comes back to share the proceeds with them.
Watch the video below: