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Woman pays assassin to murder her husband for ‘over-monitoring’ her


Image result for hired killers in africaThe Lagos State Police Command has confirmed that they have arrested a middle aged woman who allegedly engaged the services of professional assassins to murder her husband and father of her 4 children.

The female suspect was arrested at her house located within the Lekki area of Lagos after it was confirmed that she paid about N600,000 to assassins to help her carry out the killing with the promise of paying a balance of N400,000 when the husband is confirmed dead.

Fatai Owoseni, Lagos State Commissioner of Police who confirmed the incident, said the woman was among 25 suspected criminals arrested by the command in two weeks.

Owoseni refused to disclose the identity of the woman, saying it would jeopardize the investigation but affirmed that the hired assassins had confessed to the crime.

“He said that the woman paid him N600 ,000 to eliminate her husband. We are currently on the trail of the assassins,” he said, explaining that the woman was picked up after a suspect was arrested and he named her as the person who contracted him to kill her husband.

According to insiders, The marriage between the couple has been rocky because the husband was always complaining that his wife sleeps around while the wife complains that the man seriously monitors her movement and tries to control her finances. This was said to have led to a separation but the legal divorce never took place.

In a bid to be free, The wife contracted assassins who attacked the house but ended up entering the wrong apartment and shooting the wrong persons but were caught before the succeeded in their murder mission. There and then they were rounded up.

Incriminating text messages and call records confirm that indeed, the wife had been in contact with the killers. The couple have three daughters and a son.

In a shocking twist, Anonymous insiders revealed that a cousin of the husband is allegedly in a secret relationship with the wife.

The couple hails from Imo state