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Woman burns ex’s clothes, Arsenal jersey, worth £1000 as revenge (Photos)


A woman was so distraught after seeing her ex-boyfriend with a new partner she decided to get her revenge – by burning his Arsenal shirts on a barbecue.

Deanne Harding, 30, ended her nine-year relationship with Adam McNairn after he became so violent towards her and he was arrested and appeared at court. She even went to the court case to witness her former partner get convicted of beating her after he attacked her in July.

But she was stunned to see him with a new girlfriend days later before his sentencing.

To get back at him, she filmed herself placing ‘pretty much’ all of his clothes – £1,000 worth of items,
such as designer jeans and shirts and three Arsenal FC tops – on a grill in a back garden and burning them 24 hours later. Photos continue below:




The couple during the good days

Ms Harding told SunUK: ‘Burning the clothes just made me feel so much better.’
While her ex-boyfriend told the paper: ‘I wasn’t impressed by what she did. It’s all my clothes, pretty much.’