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UK-based surgeon blames University of Ilorin teaching hospital for the death of her father

A United Kingdom-based surgeon, Mrs Oluwakemi Elizabeth Oduwaiye, has accused doctors at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital of causing the death of her 69-year old father through medical negligence.

On 26 November 2015, Mrs Oduwaiye phoned her father who, she had been previously informed, was experiencing abdominal pains. The 69-year old man, she said, told her that he was on admission in a private hospital.

According to SaharaReporters, the surgeon demanded to speak with the doctor at the hospital, who recommended the patient’s transfer to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. The private medical practitioner said the hospital had discovered that the patient was suffering from intestinal obstruction.

It seemed a wise recommendation and Mrs Oduwaiye immediately advised her father to go to the teaching hospital and demand to get an abdominal CT scan done.

In addition, Mrs Oduwaiye disclosed to SaharaReporters, she made phone calls to inform the doctors she knew to try to get her father to have a CT scan done to determine the cause of the obstruction and appropriately deal with it.

It did not go as planned, as her father never had that CT scan done. He died nine days later.

Two days after her father arrived at the teaching hospital, explained Mrs Oduwaiye, she got a call from a relative who was caring for her father.

The relative, she said, told her to advise her father to cooperate with the medical team, as he had pulled off the nasogastric (NG) tube passed via his nose to his stomach to provide nutritional support and for decompression of abdominal obstruction.

She said she called to find out why he pulled the tube out and was told that he was complaining of breathing difficulties. The relative further said if her father had not removed the tube, he would have died, as he practically could not breathe.

Being familiar with the process, Mrs Oduwaiye said she told the relative not to worry, as she suspected, from the symptoms described to her, that the tube might have been passed to his airway rather than his stomach. She advised that her father should be left alone so the medical team could re-pass the tube the next morning.

It never went as suggested.

Mrs Oduwaiye said she was informed that the nurses were angry with her father for not cooperating with the medical team, saying he should not have removed the tube despite choking on it.

“In fact, they challenged him to get his daughter from England to come and treat him instead. My father’s intestinal obstruction was in the large bowels and he had not eaten for days, neither was he vomiting, therefore a nasogastric tube at that stage was completely irrelevant to his care, in my opinion. My father was, however, told that the tube was the remedy to his large bowel obstruction,” she told SaharaReporters.

The following day, Mrs Oduwaiye demanded to speak with one of the doctors to find out the definitive management plan for her father’s symptoms. This was because she was getting worried about him being left untreated for three days.

She got through to a doctor, who suggested that the obstruction was from faecal impaction and they had done a few rectal washouts with minimal results.

Mrs Oduwaiye said she then asked if there was a plan to give her father any oral laxative as well as enemas to at least soften the stool to move it further down for the enemas to be more effective.

The doctor, according to her, replied that the man could not be fed through the mouth and that there was no plan to give him an oral laxative.

Her worries grew. She explained to the doctor that she suspected something grave because she was not convinced that intestinal obstruction from faecal impaction was possible in a person as fit, healthy and active as her dad.

“I also mentioned the obvious weight loss as well as a subtle line in his scan report that suggested to me it might be something more serious. The doctor said the symptoms were common in his age group,” added Mrs. Oduwaiye.

The alarm bells began to chime more loudly.

“I immediately rang my relative, who happens to be a senior doctor at the same hospital, about my concerns, and he advised me to leave the managing team to manage my dad the way they know best – the Nigerian way,” she explained.

Mrs Oduwaiye decided to take a step back, trusting her doctor relative to handle things. She disclosed that she was also told that the managing consultant was yet to review her father four days after his admission to the hospital for acute intestinal obstruction, a development she considered bizarre.

This is because intestinal obstruction is a surgical emergency that must be dealt with immediately.

She demanded to know why a CT scan was yet to be done and they said they were waiting for the consultant to review.

“I believe my relative must have facilitated the ‘consultant review,’ which happened later. The surgical consultant also requested for a CT abdomen scan. After paying for the CT, it was not done as the radiologist reported that a certain element in my father’s blood test result was high and he could therefore not have it done until it was corrected,” Mrs. Oduwaiye narrated.

The blood test result, she added, was four days old. She argued that if the patient had been given fluids, they would have corrected the blood result.

The man, however, repeated the blood test the same day and was never reviewed.

“My father was left in the ward with no further interventions until 3 November 2015. The medical team are always reluctant to manage patients over the weekend for obvious reasons,” she said.

Mrs Oduwaiye then got a call from her sister, who told her that her father was crying in pain. This, she said, made her more worried, as her father never cried; not even when his mother died.

This nudged her to call a friend to get the surgeon on call to review him, as she suspected that he might have developed further complications like perforated bowels, a life-threatening condition.

Frustration then crept in.

“I was later told that he had been given an injection and he was ‘stable’ although still crying in pain. At this point, I got frustrated as I could not help my father,” Mrs. Oduwaiye said.

What followed was that she was informed that they were preparing him for surgery the next afternoon, nine days after his admission, for intestinal obstruction with possible bowel perforation. Whatever hope Mrs Oduwaiye had evaporated when she got a call the following day informing her that her father had died.

She immediately asked for an autopsy report to establish the cause of his death, a request she said the hospital staff tried to dissuade her from following through. But she insisted that she wanted an autopsy report and proceeded to pay for one.

Ten months after and despite paying, the hospital has refused to release the autopsy report, forcing her to contact three different lawyers to start a legal action.

That has brought no progress, as she said the lawyers were either intimidated by senior administrators of the hospital or bribed into submission.

The most recent hurdle in her path to legal action, Mrs Oduwaiye said, was the claim that she is not a male child of the deceased, despite being solely responsible for her father’s care until his death.

“I am regarded as an inferior child because I am female. Why is the situation in Nigeria so impossible? Why is it impossible to get justice in the face of obvious injustice? Why is nobody doing anything about this? Why is everyone satisfied with the status quo? Why are people not crying out for help and why is it that the few of us that cry out never really get the help we seek?” she asked in frustration.

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Zimbabwean Church leader in s*x scandal as photos naked photos and sex acts with 33 girls is exposed

Church leader
A Zimbabwean church leader, Nyasha Light Nyatsungo is enmeshed in a sex scandal and might also be facing legal action, after his ex-girlfriend flooded social media with his nude photo.
It was gathered that the Nyatsungo allegedly sent a nude picture of his Cape Town based ex–side chick, Shingi Mavenge, to his other girlfriend only identified as Beula who later broadcasted it on social media.
According to H-Metro, in an apparent fit of rage, Mavenge posted a WhatsApp chat she had with Nyatsungo’s wife identified as Nyasha Nhahumbi as well as a group chat with some of her former lover’s concubines.
According to Mavenge, she has gotten information that Nyatsungo has at least 33 girlfriends and has ditched his wife of eight years.
She adds that Nyatsungo bedded a girl who was their neighbour as well.
Mavenge said that the church leader’s wife revealed that they even consulted their local pastor in Mutare who failed in his attempts to mend Nyatsungo’s ways.
According to H-Metro, Nyatsungo, a married father of two, has denied ever circulating the picture, labelling Mavenge as a bitter woman whom he just flirted with on Facebook and nothing more.
“This Nyasha guy must be stopped in his tracks. He is going to pay for all the damage that he has done to me. He was the only one who had that leaked picture and I am shocked why he would forward it to some other girl,” fumed Mavhenge who is working on taking legal action.
“I started dating this guy in 2015 and never knew he was married. He lied.”  fumed Mavenge yesterday.
“That guy is full of lies and at some point, we opened a group chat with his wife and some of his girlfriends. He normally targets single mothers” added Mavenge.
H-Metro was furnished with six other cellphone numbers of his girlfriend that include Fadzai, Mutsa, Essy, Juliana, Barbra among others. Mutsa confirmed she once had a relationship with Nyatsungo have since terminated it since she discovered he was married.
Mavenge confirmed they met once in Johannesburg when she had to fly from Cape Town to meet her man sometime in April.
“That night he didn’t even have money. I had to pay the R800 for the accommodation as he had no money. He wanted to have sex with me but I flatly refused. He even wanted it without protection and I said No. he looked terrible with clothes in a plastic shopping bag. I want to write a letter to Pastor Rex who is the head of (the church) in Harare so that this guy be stopped with his tricks and lies,” added Mavenge.
When contacted over the phone in Mutare Nyatsungo confirmed he knew Mavenge but never had a relationship with her.
“I know her and we once flirted on Facebook. We never had a relationship as she is alleging. I don’t know why she is bitter. I haven’t seen the nude pictures she is talking about but I heard about it from Beula. We live in a democratic country. She can go ahead and sue me if she feels her rights have been infringed upon. All the allegations she is making are false and I don’t know her motive in trying to tarnish my image,” said Nyatsungo.
He said he was still with his wife whose phone rang without response yesterday afternoon. Despite his denials, H-metro was furnished with pictures of Nyatsungo and Mavenge, the time they met in April.

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Chinese woman leads friends to witness her husband sleeping with another lady (Photos + Video)

A shocking video has emerged online showing just how violent a Chinese wife can be when she finds her husband in bed with another woman.

The clip, believed to be filmed in a hotel in China, shows the spurned wife bringing a number of male and female friends with her as she catches her spouse red-handed.

Wife catches husband

The video, which has over 13 million views, was filmed by one of the wife’s friends as the group busted in at the scene.

The other two men in black leather jackets – possibly her relatives – can be seen kicking open the hotel room door and crashing the couple inside.

The shocked mistress was standing at the foot of the bed when the wife burst in, with the two men pointing towards the hubby and ordering him not to move.

The violent footage shows the moment the wife and her friends then begin punching, slapping and pounding the naked mistress as she tries to shield herself from the blows.

Incredibly, the stark naked husband tried to protect his girlfriend and at one point even put his body in the way of her and his furious wife.

But it does little to stop the wife and her friends from continuously slapping both people as they tried desperately to scramble to safety on the hotel room bed.

The clip ends with the husband being called ‘shameless’ and it is unclear whether charges were pressed against any party.

Adultery is not a punishable crime in China, which is why many men and women with unfaithful spouses feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

Watch Video; (HERE or below)

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Half-naked teacher killed during while having car s*x


An ex-pat Irishman who died in a high-speed car crash was reportedly having S3@.x:’ with a Thai woman when the collision happened, investigators believe.

The speeding black Suzuki lost control and hit a post at 1 am on Wednesday morning, killing teacher John Malone, 39, in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene first found John wearing just a blue t-shirt while a N@kkd Thai woman was on the black passenger seat – neither had their seat belts on.

Pictures show John lying N@kkd on a stretcher while the young woman is unclothed in the car but unconscious.

The male driver – who was clothed – and the female front seat passenger who were both Thai were treated at Kasemrad Sriburin General Hospital.

The volunteer rescue foundation Siam Ruam which attended the crash said authorities were now investigating.

A spokesman said today:

“One foreign man died in the crash. The staff helped to bring out the bodies and give first aid.This was a black Suzuki Swift and it was speeding.We think the man was having S3@.x:’ or maybe a b****** in the car.There were three Thai people and one foreign man. Two of them were women. They were injured and the driver was unconscious but only the man died.
“How it happened exactly we do not know yet. From the scene, we know that the two passengers did not have clothes on. The man had a small t-shirt.

The rescue foundation said that all three of the other people involved in the crash were Thai and that John, originally from Co Longford, was the only foreigner.

The driver and the front seat passenger are in a serious condition.

UK Mirror

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