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The Real Change? See the Two Men Who May Replace Buhari & Osinbajo in 2019 as Alleged Campaign Poster Emerges (Photos)

Though Nigerian politicians have not openly declared their interests in the 2019 presidential election, some Nigerians are already making their predictions over the possible candidates.
Following the current economic hardship resulting from the recession in the economy, some Nigerians are already getting impatient for 2019 to vote out the current APC-led federal government.
The above photo featuring former Governors, Peter Obi and Donald Duke as presidential and vice-presidential candidates for 2019 general election has gone viral since it emerged on the internet.
It’s most likely the duo in the picture have no idea of how the campaign poster and its slogan emerged as reports reveal that it was reportedly made by fans of the politicians and other Nigerians who loved their outsanding services when they were governors of their states.
Ex-governor of Anambra, Peter Obi, won the hearts of many Nigerians few days ago when gave an inspiring speech at ‘The Platform’ on October 1 in which the politician broke down measures that he took to cut government waste during his tenure.
See below some reactions of Nigerians as regards to Peter Obi and Donald Duke 2019 presidency we culled from Twitter: