See What Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi Said About Jesus Everyone is Talking About

One of the most respected traditional ruler in the north, Emir Sanusi Lamido II, has left people amazed after posting this about Jesus Christ.
Emir of Kano Lamido Muhammad Sanusi II 
The Emir of Kano, Lamido Muhammad Sanusi II is trending on social media after he sent a spectacular message to his followers about Jesus.
It has been a subject of controversy for many people – Christians and Muslims – concerning the name ‘Jesus’. Many Muslims in Nigeria are not really aware who he really is.
Well, Sanusi took out time to lecture his followers on Instagram as he said “Many people are unaware of the fact that one cannot be a Muslim without loving Jesus (Peace be upon him) known in as Arabic Isa.”
Not only that, he posted a photo which says: “I am a Muslim and I love Jesus.” The latest declaration by the revered traditional ruler has left many people talking.
“This is deep. You are really worthy of being a Religious Leader and Leader in general. God will forever bless you. Keep the peace sir.” someone wrote.
“May the Good Lord Almighty Bless you and continue to give you more wisdom for the word of God says in the book of proverbs that only the wise man listen to voice of wisdom and accepts that wisdom is truly the way to God. Your highness may your enemies fall on their own tramp and choke on their vomit may they also decay even as they think to plot against you. Amen.” another added.



  • Ayo

    This is no news. It is only news to the ignoranimous christians who will never open their narrow heart to other religions. They are so content with few verses of their own bible. If christians like the writer of this story who want to create sensation will read and study the quran the way most muslims read and study the bible, they will not be dancing about town on this age long truth about Islam. Christians, over the ages, think muslims hate Jesus the way they hate Muhammad. They didnt know that in the original bible, which has not been revised, Mohammed was conspicuously mentioned as Paraclectus, translated to mean Muhammad. It was viciously deleted or revised, or deliberately misinterpreted. Well, righteousness of Christ is not same as righteousness of Christians. In fact, in Islam, christanity an abberation, even to Christ himself. The Quran refers to followers of Christ as People of the Book, not Christians. Sanusi is not saying anything new. But it is new to christians because they’ve refused to open their heart to the quran.

  • lanre

    He is very very very correct.No Muslim is a Muslim without him or her accepting Jesus(peace be upon him)or love him