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See Vera Sidika’s alleged boyfriend


Please read a mail I received from someone that says she is a concerned Kenyan citizen.

Before you read on, bear in mind these are allegations. I can’t confirm how true or how false the claims in this mail are. Thank you.

Hello Laila, this is the mystery man Vera Sidika aka (Queenveebosset) has been hiding,but unknown to her,he’s well known,hes a Nigerian fraudster living in Dubai without a residential visa.

Madam Vera brags about the type of man she will date or marry,talking about women empowerment and to only date responsible men. deceiving we young girls from kenya.

Well here we have it,throwing herself to fraudster,looks like shes a fraud herself, Kenyans should stop believing this fairy-tale from her.

This social media life is so deceiving. Ladies please she is not a role model,shes a fake motivational speaker. Shes a disgrace to Kenyan women,throwing herself to anyone with little money.

Vera we see through the BS..stop it

concerned kenyan citizen.

More photos of Vera’s alleged boyfriend.