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See the African Bush Baby a Man Killed that Everyone is Talking About (Photos)

A man has shared photos on Twitter showing the rare bush baby he killed leaving many people seriously in shock.
Bush baby captured somewhere in Nigeria
A man has shared photos on Twitter of what he believes is the legendary ‘bush baby’ also called lesser galago and known for its mystical powers in Africa.
The bush baby got its name as a result of their childlike wailing cry they use to demarcate territory and communicate with their family members.
In most parts of Africa, bush babies are believed to have mystical powers and are said to have the power to hurt humans. A lot of people know the animal by its childlike cry.
However, people have disregarded the thoughts of bush babies killing people and have called it off as mere superstition. The animal is rarely sighted as many still do not really know what it looks like even after hearing its famous name.