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Nurse who bedded Man United’s Antonio Valencia claims his wife had ‘a lucky escape’



A woman who allegedly bedded Manchester United star Antonio Valencia has claimed that his partner should be happy he has been exposed.

The footballer split from wife Zoila Meneses after The Sun claimed that he had been having an affair with 24-year-old nurse, Sophie Vagsaeter.

He reportedly met up with the brunette on the weekend his team lost to rivals City, and it’s claimed they regularly exchanged flirty messages.

Sophie told The Sun on Sunday : “While I’m sorry their marriage is over, she is definitely better off without him.

“He’s a creep. He’s cheated on his wife countless times. She has had a lucky escape. He thinks his money gives him so much power he can do anything.”

She went on to reveal details about how she struck up a romance with the footballer, claiming that after refusing to meet him numerous times, she finally relented after he told her that he would “treat her like a queen”.

She claims Antonio proceeded to pay a whopping £1,600 to fly her from Norway at short notice so the pair could “have sex at a hotel”.

“We began messaging privately and got to know each other. He sent me photographs of him sunbathing and visiting Ecuador. I even got one of him with his mother.

“He must have asked me three or four times to visit him. He kept telling me how pretty and beautiful I am. I always refused. But finally when I had some time off work I agreed. He said he would treat me like a queen.”

Antonio was criticised back in 2014 after it The Sun uncovered claims he had sent explicit selfies to two women, and invited them back to his hotel.

However, Sophie has admitted that she was clueless that Antonio had found himself in hot water for chatting with another women before.

“I certainly didn’t know then that he had been in trouble before for meeting women online and begging them to visit him for sex.”

After fans began to criticise the sports star over the reports, Antonio hit back claiming that he is “currently single” and his marriage was over anyway.

He explained: “It is important to clarify that my current civil status is single. Over the past months I have not had any formal relationship.

“As usual, my efforts are focused on my professional career and on my daughter.”