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Norwegian football coach makes a plea on Facebook for Cristiano Ronaldo & Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sperm (Video)



Ole Vidar Toftesund, the coach of a 5th division Norwegian football team Nordstranda has gone on Facebook to post a video pleading for superstar footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to donate their sperms, so he can use it to fertilize the girlfriends of his players.

According to Toftesund, since Ronaldo and Zlatan are very good footballers, fertilizing the egg cells of his players’ girlfriends will generate good footballers for him and his club. The video really came out as emotional with him saying in notes that some of his players are ‘old, big and fat’ saying he has a ’20 year plan’  Is this guy being serious or is he just high on something? Watch the video after the cut