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Meet King Mswati Who Marry his own V_irgin Daughter



King Mswati is known for marrying numerous beautiful wives . In the Swazi tribe polygamy is something they praise and respect more than anything. In other cultures marrying more than one wife is seen as a taboo.

King Muswati marries only women who have never been touched, v_irgins per say. The world came to a stand still when it was declared that the king of Swatis married his 22 year old v_irgin daughter .

Eyebrows were raised by men while a lot of women’s hearts almost stopped pumping.
The women were so angry that one asked questions that left our tummies feeling a bit unsettled.

She asked if he’s marrying her to protect her from being hurt by other men or he just married her to upgrade her from being his daughter to his wife? Is he really going to get s_exual with his own infant?

He should burn in hell she furiously exclaimed. His reasons stays unknown as our attempt to talk to him failed immensely. From our team we wish the father and daughter a very happy marriage. ­