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Man undergoes 2400 stitches after removing excess skin from weightloss


A man known as Zach Moore has already accomplished the tough part as he dropped 315 lbs. after two years of hard work. But with tons of excess skin, he still had a reminder of who he used to be.

After an intensive skin removal requiring approximately 2,400 stitches, doctors removed Moore’s excess skin from his entire body, from his abdomen, butt, chest, arms and more.

“It has been absolutely incredible,” Moore says. “With the help of The Doctors, along with the help of Dr. Thomas Trevisani, they have taken my life to the next level of just, happiness. We’ve changed everything, we’ve changed our eating habits, I’ve stopped smoking, I’ve taken control of everything. I’ve lost 315 lbs., I’ve gotten rid of the skin. I’m just, it is a brand new lifestyle”

The Pierson, Florida native now eats cleanly, and he and his wife completely revamped their diets to cut out processed food.

With his body now under control, Moore has a new goal – run a 5K in 30 minutes. He first took on the challenge after losing 150 lbs., and finished in an hour. But with an additional 165 lbs. down (and tons of excess skin gone), Moore hopes to cut that time in half.

Source: People