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Lady Complains about S*xual Harassment by Her Boss, But She Gets a Hilarious Suggestion that will Crack Your Ribs

S*xual harassment in Nigeria has become rampant especially in organized offices where male superiors abuse work ethics and codes of conduct to satisfy their selfish pleasure interests.
A Nigerian lady who is currently being threatened with a sack especially in a period of scathing economic recession has cried out on social media. According to her story, her randy boss wants to sleep with her. She is currently confused as she is well paid and good jobs are scarce in the country due to the political and economic challenges.
Read her story below:
“I am decent and hardworking. I don’t wear provocative outfits although I stay classy. This my father’s agemate has been on my neck for some time now just to go down with me. I keep telling him NO and all but he won’t bulge a bit. He’s got a wife and kids. I don’t wanna ruin his home neither do I want to put my own future in jeopardy by sleeping with him.

“However, jobs are very scarce in this country and I don’t wanna lose this 6-figure paying job cos he keeps threatening to lay me off if I don’t do his bidding. What do I do?? please advice!”

A top commenter on a popular Nigerian online forum came up with ideas filled with hilarity. Read his suggestion below:
“Once a ‘randy’ boss sets his eyes on you its almost impossible for him to let go. Its almost like a lion setting his eyes on a goat. Have no fear hun, I said “almost impossible” not “impossible”, there are two things you can do:

1) Bring him a “better” sacrifice i.e bring him a runs girl that looks and has the same body structure like you if he isn’t a “super” randy man he will divert his attention to her but if he is already “addicted” to you then we move to No. 2.

2) This No.2 is a bit extreme because it requires some props and costuming and involves you getting partially ‘Unclad’. Fear not!! You don’t have to go all the way, firstly you need to get an artist to make you the ‘weirdest’ looking waist beads ever(juju like) and get temporary weird looking tattoos and marks all around your body especially in areas that a man will notice first when he is with you alone e.g laps, waist cleavage areas and invite him over to your house. When you guys are alone displaying the weird waist beads and make him see the marks and tattoos, if he still tries to touch break his head and start looking for another job because the man is the younger brother of Lucifer.”