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I’m Cheating on My Husband with a Man 10 Years My Junior, and S*x with Him is Mind-blowing

A married woman is going crazy for a man she recently met, as she is having mind-blowing s*x she hopes won’t end.
Here is a story about a woman who is cheating on her husband with a younger man and she fears the man might leave her. It was shared by Deidre.
I MEET with my lover each week to have s*x. The lovemaking is amazing but the best thing about our affair is the fact that he listens to me.
My husband and I are both 41 and have two daughters at uni.
We both work long hours to help pay for their keep and their books and the pressure seems endless sometimes.
In the middle of it all it seemed like our marriage got buried and lost and I felt really sad and alone.
I planned date nights and day trips away but my husband just couldn’t be bothered with that kind of thing. I run in the park every Sunday and gradually got to be friends with a guy I saw running there. At first we’d just smile as we passed and exchange a few words.
Then I had a bad fall.
I was looking for him and not watching the path in front of me. He was right there behind me and rushed up to help. He was friendly and kind and I felt such a warm bond between us I couldn’t explain. After that day we would run side by side. Our pace often slowed to a jog as we talked about everything under the sun.
He told me one day that his wife had just left him and taken his young son away. He looked so distraught I went back to his place for a coffee.
We talked for ages and then we had s*x. He’s ten years younger than me but we’re absolute soulmates and the s*x is a dream. We’ve been meeting up now for six months and we talk every day but I think he’s still hoping his wife and his son will come home. I’ve fallen for him in a very big way but I’m not really sure how he feels about me.
What if he loves me for real? How could I break up the family home?