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I Will Never Forgive Them – Man Who was Raped by Two Women in Viral Video Seeks Justice

A man who was left fighting for his safety and dear life after two ladies reportedly drugged and s*xually molested him has spoken out on his own side of the story.
A screenshot from the viral video clip
The video of two s*x-crazed women who were filmed trying to r*pe a man by forcing him down on the bed and sitting on him before stimulating his manhood in South Africa, emerged online over the weekend and went viral.
Speaking exclusively to Daily News, the Hluhluwe man whose identity is still unknown as at the time of filing this report, disclosed that he will not be able to forgive the three women who r*ped him
According to him, he was at home when a woman whom he knew called him over, saying she needed help with an electrical problem at her home.
“I went into her house and when I got there, I saw another girl in the room. I did not pay any attention to her. Then another girl who was hiding behind the door closed it, that’s when I realized that something was wrong.”
He said after they closed the door behind him, they told him they wanted to sleep with him.
“I initially thought they were joking,” he said. However, he soon realized they were serious when he was attacked. He said he tried to defend himself but his arm was weak since he had injured it in an accident years ago.
He said he was let go and he went home and took a shower. He said the incident had left him feeling confused. “I told my older sister about what happened but she thought I was joking.”
It was only after a video appeared online that his sister took what he said seriously and encouraged him to go to the police.
He said he feared going to the police because he thought they would not take him seriously. “When I told them what happened they were shocked. The three women were arrested the same day I reported the matter.”
The alleged r*pists were people he knew and grew up with in the area, he said. “I’m very angry,” he said of the assault.
One of the families of the alleged r*pists went to the man’s home to try to make amends, he said. “My brothers and sisters were not having any of it,” he said.
He was looking forward to the trial and wanted the women to be severely punished. “People like that should not be part of society.”
What made it more difficult to move on was that the video was on social media and people had come to ask him what happened. “It is something I never thought would happen to me. There is not much I can do but try to move on.”