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I love my boyfriend but my boss gives me mindblowing sex, What should I do?


Dear readers,

My boss gives me the most incredible orgasms and has become like a drug to me. I have a boyfriend, though, who doesn’t deserve all this. He’s 29 and I’m 27. We are both estate agents but work in different branches.

My boss came in to take over my branch. He is 38 and has a reputation as a womaniser, so my boyfriend wasn’t happy.

We clicked and flirted outrageously from day one. We had a team night out and my boss and I were the last ones there. We had a drunken kiss and couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

We stumbled outside and had S ex. Then the sexy texts started.

I didn’t give my boyfriend a thought. My boss had to give me my appraisal and the sexual chemistry was off the scale. Everyone had gone home and he pulled me into the back room. We had S ex again and I had an orgasm like never before.

I was hooked. A work pal got married and as my boyfriend was working, I went with my boss. All the guests thought we were a couple. We sneaked off into a side room and had       S ex.

A girl at work got suspicious and I saw how she looked at us. My boss said he is falling for me and wants to leave his partner.

We had our annual awards dinner and my boss stayed at our house as it was close to the venue. My boyfriend was there.

My boss kept touching me and caressing my bottom but my boyfriend didn’t say anything. I cried the next day.

My boyfriend is so lovely. He doesn’t deserve this. I don’t want to hurt him or for him to look a fool at work. The sex isn’t so great anymore but we are great in every other way. It is him I want and only him.

I’ve told my boss it can’t go on but I’m not sure I can stick to it. Please, what should I do to stop this?