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I Had S*x With a Married Man and I’m Tempted to Send the Video to His Wife – Woman Shares Shocking Details

A woman has shared a shocking story of her affair with a married man and how she intends to ruin his married life.
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The woman shared her bizarre story in Vanguard.
According to her, she had an affair with a married man and is annoyed because he does not have her time anymore.
She therefore wants to ruin his marriage to get his attention.
Below is how she put the story:
I am fed up to the teeth with my boyfriend’s unreasonable behaviour.
I knew he was married when we met and all I wanted was a fair share of his time, not marriage.
Instead, all I get are snatched moments with him, all the time telling me he had to lie to his wife to be with me. This has really pissed me off.
He always tells me he loves me, but I suspect he tells me that so as to get me into bed.
Unknown to him, I once used my phone to record us having s*x. If I forward this to his wife, she’s bound to hit the roof and maybe end the marriage. This way, he would have more time for me, or what do you think?
The woman has however been put on blast by readers who have described her as callous and extremely wicked.