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I drafted the plan that led to the release of the Chibok girls – Shehu Sani


Senator Shehu Sani has revealed drafted the master plan for the negotiation hat led to Thursday’s release of 21 of the Chibok schoolgirlsand facilitated the involvement of Switzerland in the talks as well as  the Internantional Red Cross in transporting the girls to safety.
He told The Nation yesterday that with the confidence built on both sides,it might not be long before the remaining girls joined their families.His words: 

“I  believe  that this government has achieved what has never been achieved and there I have the  confidence that the other girls will also be released through the same process that was taken for these ones to be released.
“ The confidence has been built on both sides and the parties have agreed to do more.  I can tell you that there was no prisoner swap.  There was none.”

Explaining his role in the release of the girls,Sani said :

 “Well I actually did not take part in the negotiation but I was the one who drafted the master plan for the negotiation, and I was also the one who invited the Swiss and the ICRC into it, and I was also the one who linked the Swiss  with the person who negotiated .
“This  master plan started from 2014 but it was followed through with the effort of the person who negotiated ,who happened to be Mustapha Zanna, a lawyer in Maiduguri.  I was the one who brought Mustapha  Zanna in with Switzerland   and the ICRC.
“So this effort ,this success , could be said to be  the joint  effort of  Mustapha Zanna,Switzerland  ICRC and the Department of State Security (DSS).
“But I was the one who drafted the master plan  for this.  The reason for bringing Swiss into it was because we needed to have a different country that would offer guarantee to both  the insurgents and the government because previous talks crashed because there was lack of  trust between the government and the insurgents.

“But now, we needed a country that would offer guarantee to both sides.  Switzerland offered to assist after I had  encountered fellows from some of  the countries which we had contacted.  “Swiss offered to facilitate the negotiation  and I linked them up to the negotiator and the master plan was for the government and the insurgents to negotiate.

Continuing,Sani said:

“The agreement was reached through  Mustapha Zanna and  the Swiss offering the guarantee. ICRC was not part of the negotiation team. All they did was to ensure the implementation of  the rescue of the girls.
“This is why you see some accusations and counter accusations between the government and the ICRC.”