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How Married Premier League Star Offered £9k For S3x With Big-Bottomed Prostitute

Mature woman lying on bed, rear view
Mature woman lying on bed, rear view
Mature woman lying on bed, rear view

A married Premier League star reportedly offered 10,000 euros for romps with big-bottomed vice girls. The top football star, whose identity is being kept secret for legal reasons, arranged to pay for sex with a prostitute last month.
But after initially offering to pay 5,000 euros he kicked the hooker into touch – because her bum wasn’t BIG enough.

The Daily Star Sunday then claims the well-known footballer then asked a fixer to find him an even curvier girl. When he was sent a photos of new girl he allegedly said “a thousand thank yous – she looks like she will be much better in bed”.

The dad, who plays for one of the country’s top clubs, arranged the hook-ups through a woman he met online. The unnamed woman sent him pictures of her pal and asked for 10,000 euros to split between them.

He agreed and arranged to pay for the escort to fly to England to meet him the next day. But hours later his team lost and he reportedly asked her to switch the time of their ‘date’.

He said: “The coach is taking us for more training, so can we rearrange for this Friday?”