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Here Are 10 Interesting Things You Must Know About the Male Erection

Most women and men know little or nothing about the p*nis and erections. This vital information will be helpful to you.
Dailystar has posted 10 interesting things you need to know about the male erection many people do not know about.
According to IFLS, here are some little-known hard facts about what happens when schlongs stand to attention and some of them are truly shocking.
1. You can get an erection in the womb
It turns out guys don’t even need to be born to get hard. Since the genitals start to develop while the baby is still in the womb, it’s possible for a foetus to get an erection at just 10 weeks old.
2. There are three different types of erection
If you start watching something sexy or start thinking about your wildest fantasies, you’ll get a psychogenic erection.
But if you get hard at night time it’s dubbed a nocturnal erection.
Last up is a reflexogenic erection which is what happens when you get physical.
3. Men have multiple erections per day
The average man has a staggering 11 erections throughout the day – and three to five as he sleeps.
4. You can get an erection after death
This bizarre phenomenon, dubbed “angel lust”, is actually just a trick of gravity and not real life after death.
If a man dies in a vertical position, gravity will cause the blood to pool in the legs but as they get filled up some will be pushed into the penis, giving a guy a post-mortem erection.
5. This is the average penis size
Penises come in all shapes and sizes and there really isn’t such thing as “normal” but here’s the average todger size according to science.
The mean length of the erect penis is about 5.2 inches (13.2cm) in length and 4.6 inches (11.7cm) in circumference.
And at normal temperatures a non-erect penis usually measures 3.6 inches (9.1cm) from tip to base and 3.7 (9.3cm) inches in circumference.
Most men fall into the normal range, however some men suffer from a micropenis condition. This is defined as 2.5 inches or less when fully erect.
6. Penises respond to certain scents
Different smells can cause the penis to stand to attention.
A study found that the scent of black liquorice and doughnuts increased the blood flow to the penis by 32%, while doughnuts mixed with pumpkin pie spiked blood flow by 20%.
But for the biggest increase, lads should whiff the combo of lavender and pumpkin pie to rev up their penile blood flow by a whopping 40%.
7. Never-ending erections exist
Priapism is a disorder in which men have to endure consistent and painful erections to the point where sex isn’t even pleasurable.
Priapism is a medical emergency, meaning you should rush to the hospital if it happens, because if it isn’t treated within 24 hours you may damage your schlong for life.
A prolonged erection can permanently damage the penile tissues making it difficult to get hard in the future.
8. Penises don’t actually contain a bone
Most mammals have a baculum (penis bone) but humans don’t. Interestingly other primates like gorillas and chimpanzees do have one.
9. Your penis is shaped like a boomerang
This shocking discovery was made a French researcher who studied couples having sex in an MRI machine.
It turns out the penis is boomerang-shaped but you’d never know it because the “root” is hidden by the pelvis.
10. You can be a grower or a shower
According to a study, penises that are smaller when flaccid actually get longer when erect, compared to larger flaccid schlongs.

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“Couples who sleep naked have a happier relationship” – Survey

A new survey has revealed that couples who sleep naked have a happier relationship.

The study from Cotton USA asked couples what they slept in at bedtime and then asked them to rate how happy they were in their relationship.

According to the results, 57 percent of those who slept in the nude said they felt happy, compared to 48 percent of pyjamas wearers, 43 percent of nightie wearers and a mere 38 percent of people who wore pants, bum shorts, etc.

Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe of Cotton USA said that one of the leading factors for this was that the nakedness encouraged intimacy and openness, thanks to the skin-on-skin contact and the feeling of soft bedding.

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Guys! Ths is what happens to the pen*s as you get older, according to science

Our bodies change with age, but how about the most private parts? What happens to Pen.!s when it ages? Let’s get some clear answers.

So, guys, what can you expect to happen to your Pen.!s when you grow older? These clues will prepare you for the inevitable changes.

How Pen.!s changes with age?


When most men are born, their Pen.!ses reach only 4 cm in length! The average size ranges between 16 and 23 cm. Does it decrease in size, when you grow old? Not exactly, but things change. For instance, if you gain much weight, your Pen.!s looks shorter. The fat is located in the lower part of your belly and covers up part of the Pen.!s shaft. However, in your 60s or 70s the Pen.!s can actually a bit shrink in size by some 2-3 cm.

Testicle size

After 40 they decrease by 1 third of their size. Healthy younger men have them around 3 cm in size, while the older guys may have only 2 cm size balls.

Working condition

The performance changes, too. When you turn 40, your S3@.x:’ual activity and the amount of male hormones in the body decreases. In the youth a healthy man may have S3@.x:’ several times a day, in the later age erectile dysfunction may change things for worse. The muscles weaken and the vessels get clogged. It also contributes to weaker erection. So, having S3@.x:’ few times a week is great, when you age.



It greatly depends on the sensitivity of your male organ. Unfortunately with age it decreases a bit, but it’s good for those guys, who come too fast. Now they have more chances to gain control and boost the duration of their performance in bed.


You start losing your head hair with the age, but that’s not it. Men also lose their pubic hair and their Pen.!ses change the color a bit.

Time spares no one, so enjoy your S3@.x:’ life in the  young age, but do not worry, over 80 percent of men maintain their male organs in great working condition even being seniors.

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Guys beware! It is dangerous to have s*x in these 4 situations

Is S3@.x:’ always good? There are times when you should stay away from it, and every man should know the reasons not to get busy! This list may surprise you.

List of 4 reasons why not to have S3@.x:’:

Besides the obvious thing – not being the husband of the lady you plan to enjoy, there are other reasons to keep away from intimacy. Here they are.

1. At your bachelor’s party


You are a groom and your friends bring in some girls to have fun at your last bachelor’s night out. It’s the worst possible idea to get busy with a stripper or some strange girl. You have picked that woman to be your wife for a reason. Keep it in mind, when other ladies offer fun to you. You do not want to start your married life with cheating. What you sow, you will reap!

2. Alcohol


Either you or she or both of you are drunk. How much is too much? 3 to 5 drinks can make you less wise in your decisions and less cautious. Consuming alcohol, you become more open for risky things, such as unprotected S3@.x:’. And you put yourself and the other person in danger of getting SDTs (HIV and other love bugs) or impregnating the woman.

Such a situation is highly undesirable. So, if you drink too much, make a rule to abstain from S3@.x:’ with a new girlfriend.

3. At her parents’ house


That’s not the best location for the love games. They may return home unexpectedly. Or if they are home, they may enter her room any time and catch you at it. It’s a very embarrassing situation.

4. When you wish to marry her


She is a V!rg!n, and you have made up your mind to marry her. But you want her so and think: what if we do it now? Why wait for the wedding night? Stop! You are going to ruin it all. Waiting does not kill anyone. Just set the date and you won’t regret it. As waiting double the pleasure on the first night!

These reasons should stop you and make you think. S3@.x:’ is not always a good idea, and it can be dangerous and has the power to ruin your life when done at the wrong time and with the wrong person.

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