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Guys, Can You Rock This? See the Sack Suit That Has Gotten People Talking Online (Photo)

A man has gotten a lot of people stunned with his choice of material for his suit and has caused quite a stir with it.
This man has succeeded in turning heads with his choice of suit material.
The man whose identity still remains unknown was spotted at a public event rocking this suit made from a very unlikely material
The suit was actually made from a sack…yes, you got that right; a SACK!
Where the photo was taken is not known but social media users have expressed varying opinions about the design.
Some netizens have joked that the man should be given the award for what they called his “I Don’t Care Attitude”.
Others however feel the man is just a cheap attention seeker who intends to draw all eyes to himself.
And yet others feel the man just wants to look fine, but since he was broke as a result of the bad economy, he decided to make use of the resources available to him, hence the sack suit.
What do you think of this man’s suit? Can you wear it?