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Girl Forced to Drink Urine after Being Caught Cheating with Woman’s Boyfriend (Watch Video)

Two heartless and evil ladies have forced a young girl to drink urine in retaliation after she allegedly dated one of their boyfriends.
The Zimbabwean girl was forced to drink a urine 
A video trending on Zimbabwean media has shown the shocking moment two ladies forced a girl allegedly cheating with one of their boyfriends to drink urine.
This is how Iharare reported the act which many have condemned as barbaric and wicked.
Before you say, “but they are not Zimbabwean”, listen closely to the first few seconds when one lady clearly says, “imbomirai, dzikisai volume” (stop for a sec and reduce/increase the volume) and then they all start dancing.
At the beginning, one woman attempts to urinate on the young woman. There’s also two kids in the room, a little boy in a green top (you’ll see him sitting on the bed at the end of the video) and a little girl (she’s dancing next to the edge of the bed).
Someone commented: “The girl whose abused is a Ndebele. Bt these are Zimbas without any doubt.”
“Of course they are simbabweans. Evil act . Thanks to you unofukura hapwa your post is already everywhere takutonyara kuti tiri vakadzi vekuzim.” another added.
Watch video below: