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Check out China’s new monorail which hangs from the top


China now has suspended railways. First test run of the rails was completed yesterday without a hitch.

The hanging train carriages were filmed in action in the city of Chengdu as they zipped along the elevated monorail at speeds of 60kmph.

According to reports, the tests will continue until engineers have given it the all-clear but as of yet, no
official opening date has been announced.

Instead of electricity, the suspension system is powered by lithium batteries.


Zhai Wanming, chief designer of the project, told People’s Daily China, that the new train is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to electric and diesel rail systems.

Each coach on the upside-down monorail will be able to carry up to 120 passengers.

Further tests will be conducted to monitor the train’s ability to turn and climb up the tracks before it can be opened to the public. The battery charging stations will also be examined.

Chengdu, which also operates an underground Metro system, is the first city in China to officially unveil a suspension railway but the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai will also be opening one next year.

Source – DailyMailUK