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All the women that accused me of rape should speak out – Izien Aigbodion tells his story


Aigbodion Izien in Shuga

A few days ago, we published the trending story of Izien Aigbodion, a 27-year-old presenter and fast rising actor known for his roles in Shuga, who automatically became the most hated Man on the Nigerian Twittersphere after some ladies claimed to have been raped by him.

It was all started by a girl supposedly named Cleo with the handle –@QueenCleo_92.
We reached out to him through his elder brother, Omo and in this extensive interview,  he confessed that he had hurt lots of women, used abusive words on them and loads of other confessions of the hurtful things he did in the past that have come back to haunt him.

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Since this whole drama started have you had a one on one conversation with this lady (Cleo) in question?

No! Not at all. Not before, not now.

So, how has it been for you since this ugly controversy?

Sincerely speaking, it has been a tough journey for me. I didn’t want to grant interviews because this is more like a morale battle for me.
So, the questions I’m asking is why is this happening to me and why now?
Categorically speaking, I have never used forced on anybody before. I know personally that I have a temperament and whenever I get angry I sometimes use harsh words on people, but never would I threaten anyone. Never would I post any body’s nude pictures online.
One major problem I am seeing here is that I have been with lots of women. And because I was in a relationship at that time, I didn’t end things well with some of them.
What marvels me is the number of women that are coming up to say terrible things about me.


What are your plans to tackle this issue?
When I saw those things, I tried to clear my name legally.
I contacted a lawyer, who is handling it the legal way. We have sent her (Cleo) papers through her former office but they said they can no longer reach her.
But it seems like I dug a deeper pit for myself. Because it made people go back to my timeline, to the days that I was immature and didn’t know the gravity of statements. Then we didn’t know the effect of twitter. We just write those things for fun without any second thoughts that it would backfire.
All I want to do now is make peace with everybody I have offended. I want to apologize to these people. I want to let them know that I’m sorry for hurting them in any way.
I know the world might condemn me, but it’s fine, but I just want to clear all these up.
I have been involved with several women, so I understand where their anger is coming from, I understand their pains because I didn’t disconnect from them properly. I know I am guilty of that. And I’m sorry for it all.
I can’t go back and change the person I was, but I’m a changed man now and want to sincerely make things right.
Please, people should note that I’m not a rapist, I have never raped anyone in my life before. I’m not a blackmailer too. I’m not a sexual predator and I have never done that before.
I have female friends that have spent nights with me, yet there was no sex.
They have dug out my writings from way back 2010 and conclude that that’s who I’m, but that’s not me. I am a different person now. I’m a changed man. Those things were said in utter negligence.

But why would you tweet those kinds of harsh things if you don’t mean them, what prompted it then?

At that point, I wasn’t educated enough to know the gravity of what I was writing.
It was not from my heart, at all. If I meant any of those old tweets, at least by now, I would have been chilling in prison or had several police cases.

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But a woman said she involved the police in her case when you posted her nudes all over twitter?

For that particular woman, we quarreled and didn’t end the relationship well. But I didn’t do all those things she is accusing me of.

So, it seems like all the women you have broken their hearts are coming together to fight you, right?
I don’t think so. But I know I have hurt several women out there.

(At this point, his Elder brother Omo cuts in)

 One thing is to accuse someone of something, another thing is to prove it. All those people who are claiming my brother raped them, did this or that, they should be ready to come up with concrete evidence when the need arises. Not screen shots of direct messages or hotel receipts, we want core proves that would nail my brother and put him behind bars. If they can’t come up with such, then they should retract their statements or face the consequences.
When he (Izien) released a statement initially, I read comments that followed it. People were still calling him a coward and all sorts of degrading names.
This lady in question went as far as claiming that he demanded sex favours from clients in his former working place.
That has become extremely personal, she is bent on destroying my brother. Calling him all sorts of names. She categorically said she would ruin his life. She has bitten more than she can chew. Obviously, she has lots of personal agenda.(Izien continues)…..
 Like I said earlier, these past days have been hell for me. I want to make things right; to restore peace within us all.
Deep down, I know the things that I’m capable of doing, deep down I know the things that I have done. All I’m saying is that I didn’t do any those horrible things that I’m been accused of. My truth would always set me free.
I want to set things right, so I am reaching out to all those women I have hurt, to apologize to them and let peace reign.You want to or you have started already….?

Yes! I have started reaching out to them one by one. So far, they are responding and we are making progress.
I know the internet never forgets, but I have been pleading to their consciences to forgive and forget.
Not everybody would believe that I am a changed man, not everybody would believe that I am no longer that old Izien. But I’m a better person now.
I want to make things right for everybody that I have hurt in different ways.
I’m sorry for hurting women, I’m sorry for lying about my relationship, I’m sorry for deceiving them.
But I’m not a rapist, a blackmailer or a sexual predator, I have never done such before in my life.

This issue about your former workplace (Konga), did you also hurt women there? since Cleo is claiming you were asking for sex favours during your days with them?

Please let this be on record, I was never in charge of uploading products on Konga, Never!
I have never asked someone for one naira or any other thing to upload products online.
This is usually done by the merchant himself. I never collected money or favours from anyone.
I’m not a rapist, a sexual predator or a blackmail, I keep repeating these words because those are the key accusations that are being leveled against me. I’m innocent of all these accusations.
But I know I have hurt women and also use abusive words on them when I am angry, I even call some mad, stupid, prostitutes, I’m so sorry I did and said all that to them that time.
But I’m a changed person now, a better man.
If anyone still wants to judge me and call me wicked for doing these things that I just confessed I did, let he that has no sin be the first to cast the stone.

(…now in tears with shaky voice)….

 I have cried for days, I can’t sleep. It hasn’t been easy for me at all. I’m sorry to you all for putting you through all these. I’m so sorry.
I really understand how it has been for my family members. I didn’t wish them all these things, I’m sorry. I’m not a bad person.
Now, that God has started blessing me, I want to touch lives. I want to help as many people as possible.
If you judge me wrongly, without knowing the real me, I’ll leave that to your conscience. But I won’t accept a name that I’m not. I am not a rapist! I can’t fight anymore.
I have considered taking my life because of all these dramas so that everybody would have peace of mind. I contemplated suicide just to be free of this ugly drama.But what could have prompted all these all of a sudden?

Honestly, I don’t know. I have been sick for weeks, shortly after I was discharged, I was greeted with this ugly drama. I can’t trace where it’s coming from. Besides, I don’t think I have hurt anyone of recent to warrant all these. I just don’t know how it all got started.

Are you in any serious relationship right now?

Yes! I’m and she’s very cool and understanding. She believes and stands by me. I have received lots of calls all over the globe and it has been crazy support. And I really appreciate all that.

If Izien is guilty, we would send him behind bars ( Izien’s elder brother, Omo)

What’s your say on all this drama?

For me, we would like her to come forward with some concrete evidence to prove that my brother is guilty of all the things she has been claiming. Not hiding under social media to make claims, we want to see what she has as a prove.

But she has been posting some screen shots, possibly from the victims that complained to her….how do you defend that?

Those screen shots don’t have Izien’s face or his number or anything that could connect him to those messages. So, anyone could have sent that to anybody. And the conversions don’t have any link or prove to the matters at hand.  They are claiming that Izien created a new account and used it to send out those awful messages.
This Cleo said she’s out to ruin him and she’s calling herself a feminist, sorry my dear, if you are reading this, you are not a feminist but a bad belle.
I’m going to pursue it to the extent that if my brother is found guilty, he would be locked behind bars.
Who in this world is innocent?  We all are guilty of different sins but still here on earth because of God’s grace.
Please, if you can reach out to her (Cleo), tell her that she better find evidence, I mean concrete Dangote proves to nail my brother or withdraw her statements because it’s hurting and damaging.
It takes a lot to build a life and now that my brother is making progress in life she is out there to ruin all his efforts of years.
She should know that we can take it anywhere, we can say that his twitter account was hacked when those words were written years back, but here he is opening up and admitting he wrote those tweets but out of sheer ignorance.
He has confessed that he had hurt some women and apologetic about it all.
The most hurtful thing is seeing my mother’s name being mentioned.
Someone out there calling my mother a Bit***. That has made me extremely angry because I know the hurdles my parents went through to raise us.
Mother’s reaction…..

Omo said: Well, we tried to hide it from her but when she finally found out, we played it cool and I personally assured her that I’ll take care of it. I pleaded with her to let it go.

Source: Kemi Filani