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Pastor found transfixed in Ogun shrine says God asked him to keep quiet



The presiding pastor of the Ona-Iye branch of Christ Apostolic Church, Wale Fagbere, who was reportedly found motionless in a shrine at Ketu community, Ayetoro, in the Yewa North area of Ogun State, has denied being struck by idols while destroying the shrine.
Fagbere was said to have been stuck in the shrine on September 20, while trying to destroy it. When people in the area found him motionless, they raised alarm and according to reports, the priests of the shrine reluctantly revived him after the traditional ruler, Alaye of Ayetoro, Oba Abdulazeez Adelakun, pleaded with them.

The pastor, who is said to be the son of the late chief of the community, made the denial at a press conference convened by the State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.
Fagbere further claimed that he was carrying out a “divine assignment” and was told by God to remain motionless after destroying the shrine, admitting that he was motionless after the assignment.

“God told me that I should go to the shrines to bring out those things for the liberation of Ayetoro. God told me to do three things in the shrines.

“That when I get there, I should evacuate, step aside and watch the film. He said I should not say anything when people come out to see me. So, I did as instructed by God on that day.

“I got there around 5am and after I took out those things, God told me to wait and stay and I did.
“God also told me to keep quiet. It was not their gods that held me.

“When I was taken to the palace, I told them that all my actions were directed by God and not human beings or the church of God.

“Although, they tried many charms on me, none was effective. I am healthy. I followed the instruction of God that I should be quiet and they also know the truth,” he told the gathering of CAN members in the State.

Fagbere claimed he deliberately waited in the shrines for the idol worshipers to see him.

The pastor was later charged with sacrilege and malicious damage, but the idol worshipers withdrew the case.

The Regional Coordinator of Yewa/Awori, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Apostle Lola Dada, disclosed that the idol worshipers demanded that the pastor’s family contributes N300,000, while CAN was asked to pay N200,000, to appease the gods and repair the damage.

Dada, who spoke on behalf of the state’s CAN Chairman, Bishop Tunde Akin-Akinsanya, told newsmen at the occasion, “he [Pastor Fagbere] was handed over to the police and the police charged the case to court.

“The idol worshipers withdrew the case from the court; they said they cannot take the son of their late Oba to court and the case was withdrawn the same day.

“They said it was the church that encouraged him to do what he did. So, the idol worshipers transferred the aggression to the church.

“They barricaded the church with sacrifice and palm fronds, but the Christian youths removed them.

“They asked the family of the pastor to pay N300,000 while CAN should bring N200,000 for the sacrifice to appease their gods, but, no money was given to them and peace has returned to the town.”