Mad Man Having Se_x With A Married Woman In Soweto Goes Viral



The 5 minute long se_x video of a man who is believed to be mentally challenged has divided the internet,with some suggesting the lady at the centre of the controversy should be arrested.

According to citizen reports,the married woman busted in the act, was said to be forced into having se_x with a mad man for ritual purposes without her husband’s consent.

‘I know this lady, she stays here in Soweto she is happily married but one thing for sure she loves money with all her heart,like seriously the way I know her she can do anything,I mean anything for money,I’m not surprised by this’”,said a close friend on who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Efforts to contact the husband (name with held ) were fruitless at the time of publication as his phone went unanswered.

– Live Monitor