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How Masturbation Almost Ruined My Life – Man Shares Touching Story

Pornography and masturbation has been as old as time and many are still battling to overcome the addiction. A man has shared his touching experience.
A man who was addicted to pornography and masturbation has narrated how he nearly lost his life through the habit.
In 2007, I had my first contact with a pornographic content and at 14years old then, I did not know what s*x was and how it was practiced by two consenting adults not until my friend involved me in watching pornography. At first I didn’t want to watch it but was initiated, thus ended up liking it. after my first orgasm that day, I felt nothing can be as sweet as watching pornographic movie.
This made me love pornography more than any other movie.  It makes me erupt which I felt at a tender age was sweet and satisfying. I started going to a neighbor’s house to steal pornography movie to watch. At a tender age, I never knew any word called “masturbation” but only felt the sweetness that comes with it thereby making me partake in it at any single opportunity consequently affected me.
Whenever I happen to watch Indecent movie, I masturbate and frequently I involved myself in this act, my conscience always judge me. At a time I started feeling weak, my bones became shrinking as if I am an old man, I couldn’t stand still any more all because my strength was taken away by the evil trait of masturbation. I started staying indoors/away from my friends all in the name of masturbation which made my confidence level reduce drastically, nobody told me the disadvantages of masturbation is telling on me but I had to withdraw from it making me shiver when talking with peers. I couldn’t walk straight anymore. I started misbehaving and disrespecting people around me.
Pains gripped my eyes as if I am going blind, I couldn’t see far distance anymore in other words I became very lazy as I wouldn’t want to partake in house chores and this affected the fair relationship I had with my parents.
Although my story and yours may not be the same probably I masturbated excessively brought about the aforementioned defects on me but the fact remains, masturbation is indeed a wayward lifestyle.