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one direction and the wanted twitter feud in full


The candidates did not fall short when it came to touching on topics college students take interest in. From student debt to guns on campus, Perry and Smith made their stances heard.The two candidates shared similar views on a number of topics, with conservative Keith Perry’s being a little more conservative and Smith’s more to the left.They talked about topics like gun control; specifically, concealed carrying on campus.”For the criminal, this is a place where you can go in and you will be safe to do your crime,” Perry said.Smith did not agree, and said campus carry will have the opposite effect.”God forbid that we have a horrible circumstance on this campus. cheap nfl jerseys I will tell you when they come on they will be coming on and they’re going to be looking for the first person with a gun that’s been displayed,” Smith said.Solar energy was also a hot topic with the states Solar Amendment leading the ballots this fall.

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