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why seagate technology stx is down today


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Going to enable the fleets that use these devices to devise how they want to use them, said Larry Jordan, vice president of product management for Zonar, adding the fact that the device is always connected, fast and responsive is important to drivers. Always want to complete their transactions immediately. Brinton, Zonar CEO, said the company lives and dies by its customers, and compared Zonar to other technology companies like Google..

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And by allowing recycling cans to be placed at the curb weekly, he says the City has set the stage to maximize the amount of recyclables that stay out of the landfill. “If the customer is only setting out their garbage every two weeks, then they should be using the smallest garbage container available (the 120 litre model) and set it at the curb weekly,” said Kloster. You’re right about other communities having a third bin for “green” matter, and that’s something Kloster is looking into.

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